Various Types Of Air- Conditioners In Singapore

In Singapore , before engaging a company for an air conditional installation , first you need to know what type of aircon system is the best suits for your house or office.

Below are the most common type aircon for residential or office in Singapore.

Room Air-Conditioner

Room air conditioner is the most common used in Singapore . The aircon usually just cool one area or room . The most common used for this is window type aircon. Many comdo or HDB flats usually install this type of window type aircon. The aircon compressor , condenser coil and evaporator coils are all rolled into one unit that is installed on the bottom of the window. The window aircon unit is usually is hold by strong steel bracket.

Another type is called Window casement aircon . If you compare to the window type unit , it is more easy to install and manage. The window casement aircon usually install in the room side window sill or frame.

Central Air-Conditioner

Another type of aircon is Central air-conditioner which is circulate the air cool throughout for the the system of Aircon Ducts.
Airc cool is supplied from the main air conditioner tower and to the various part of the house area or building. The duct returned then draw the circulated warm spent air from the house or building back to the main aircon tower. This process repeat and repeat .

Mini-Split Or Ductless Air Conditioner Systems

This kind of aircon also known as Ductlss Multi Split aircon system , mini split aircon system. This aircon type is very similar to the most of the type some kind of shopping mall central aircon system.

This kind of the multi split aircon system comprises of:

  • One small outdoor condenser or compressor
  • One small indoor fan coil or air-handling unit (normally installed wall-mounted)

In some for the cases , the aircon is installed on the ceiling which we also called it cassette air conditioner. Multi split are ductless , normally use in smaller office , house or home offie. The aircon set up is to connect the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. This all including the tubling for the aircon suction/gas and the electrical wires.

In Singapore , most of the apartments and flats now install the multi split aircon for cooling few rooms with just 1 outside condenser or compressor .

What is “Syytem-X”?

In Singapore , we always heard about the System-2 all the way to System-5 aircon when we select the type of aircon. What is the System-X refer to ? Most of the Singaporean select this type of model because its cheaper way to installing the aircon in the house. The type of aircon consist of one main compressor and connected to 1 or more fan coil aircon. Please refer to table below

  • System-one: (1 Room)1 outdoor unit connecting one fan coil units
  • System-two (2 Rooms) : One outdoor unit connecting 2 fan coil units
  • System-three (3 Rooms) : One outdoor unit connecting 3 fan coil units
  • System-four (4 Rooms) : One outdoor unit connecting 4 fan coil units

If you need help to selecting the best aircon type for your office , house , or room , please contact out customer service or email us for more detail. Our office is located at Bedok Singapore. At the same time , you can visit our Singapore Aircon Service website for more helpful information.