Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical requires a professional technician to open up your air conditioner so that he can use the chemical solution to better clean the coils, air filters and drain pipe. Some of the benefits of using this solution to clean these components are that it contains substances that can kill mold and other harmful bacteria. Chemical cleaning of air conditioners can help control energy costs as air conditioning accumulation is reduced, which slows down airflow.

The first reason you bought this device in the first place is that the airflow in your living room through clean chemical cleaning will provide it! So, how do you know that your air conditioner needs chemical cleaning? If your equipment is not maintained regularly, you are the best person when your technician tells you that it is difficult to remove dirt and shine from the equipment using only regular equipment.

What does chemical cleaning of air conditioners include?

First – all aircon chemical cleaning processes first check the electrical ports and make sure all wires are connected and the contacts are connected properly.

Second – clean the front panel, filter and cover thoroughly to remove dust and make sure the circuit works properly. Afterwards, the Aircon filter is cleaned and deodorized to eliminate odors and remove bacterial stains .

Third – more complex inspections will be carried out, such as inspections of compressor suction and discharge pressure, and suction in the drainage system.

Fouth – check the evaporator coil and drain pan to make sure it is working properly.

You can check the the price of Aircon chemical washing , the price is depends on the FCU.