Why Aircon Not Cold

Why is my aircond not cold?

Aircon not cold is one of the most common problem facing in Singapore. Here we listed down most 10 common aircon problem which make your aircon unit not cold enough. We hope this information can help you to identify your aircon problem.

  1. Incorrect thermostat setting

Is your aircon unit not cold when you need it? If your system is sometimes cold, your thermostat may be set to “ON” instead of “Auto”. This will make your unit always blow the air even when not needed. “Auto” will blow the air depending on the temperature in the room. Change the settings and see if there are any changes

  1. The air filter is clogged

If your aircond airflows are not cold, the air filter in the aircon system unit may be clogged with dust. This dust of dirty thing can cause the aircon become not cold . Ideally, filters should be cleaned  every month.

  1. Compressor is clogged or dirty

Your aircon unit’s compressor should be clean . It should also be free from any obstacles such as grass and trees. Therefore it can cool down the chiller to produce cool air in your home. Clean the dirty thing from compressor and if this still does not solve the problem, please contact professional Singapore Aircon Servicicing company for compressor cleaning. Do not try to repair your own for the external unit.

  1. Aircond Gas Leaking Or No Gas

It is alsppossible that the lack aircon gas is the source behind the hot air of your air conditioner. Low cooling levels can be caused by leakage. If this is the case, contact the repair service to assist to refill the aircon gas.

  1. Pipe condensation conduit is blocked

As it removes moisture from the air, your air-condition also produces water. Normally, this water will be thrown through the pipeline. However, this can cause clogging, where air conditioning is forced to work stronger to produce cool air.

  1. Defective air-cond compressor

This is very rare, but other reasons your unit has a cooling problem may be due to a damaged compressor. So be sure to check over the overload protection and compressor capacitors for any damage. The defective compressor needs to be exchanged by someone who has the skills in the field. You can contact us for assistance.

  1. Condenser coil problems

The condenser coil helps to  cool the system, but, if it is dirty, it becomes less efficient and cause many problem. This problem also can cause the aircon service become harder. The condenser coil can be cleaned. However, this involves opening parts of the system. Contact the refurbishment system if you are unsure.

  1. Damage to the airways

The airflow spread the air to the whole room. If the airway for your HVAC system is damaged in any way, cold air may be difficult to get out. If this is the case, you should contact the specialist to close the airway.

  1. The fan wheels do not work

Check the fan on the inner unit in the aircon  to see if it works properly or just buzz- you can use a long screwdriver for checking . If the fan works, the capacitor is the cause of the hot air of your unit. If it does not work, the motor may need to be replaced.

  1. Need to repair chemically

It may just be because your aircon unit is too long, and requires a chemical repair or replacement. If the aircon parts faulty or too old  and can not be replaced, you may need to purchase a new aircon system.