Why Aircon Water Leaking And How Do Check On It?

Quick Facts About Air Water Drips

The main function of the aircon is to remove the hot from the indoor house or office and cooled down the temperature in to comfortable level.

The process of using the certain amount of water that depending on few factors such as the humidity  and the size of the overall condition of the aircon system.

During the aircon operation , the moisture captured will flow down its cooling coil and then drop to the base.

Some of aircon water is used to cool down the heating coil and the rest which will collect the rear of aircon unit. End up it will drop out of the aircon unit and onto the ground.

So most of the time , the regularly well maintained aircon unit also can have water leaking problem.

Misunderstanding about Air Conditioner Leaking Water

In most of the time , it  is very difficult to diagnose the aircon water leaking problem by an untrained eye.  Most of us think that the aircon unit is not functioning  is depend on how much the water coming out from the aircon uni. The water may come out from the different places.

But there are common reasons as to why air conditioners drip water. Once you are aware of these reasons, you can take immediate steps to fix the problems.

But there are similar reasons why air conditioners drown water. Once you know these reasons, you can take immediate steps to solve the water leaking problem.

Below are some of the most common reasons why your aircon water leaking

Improper Aircond Installation

One of the most common reasons of water leaking is because of you not installing your aircon unit properly.

Most time , the window aircon need to be installed correctly. The aircon must need to lower than front side. This the way which the water of your aircon unit will drain back to the unit itself. This is the most important thing you need to check if your aircon unit having water leaking problem. That the reason we need to find an experienced aircon company to install the aircon correctly. Unproper installed aircon unit will cause you many problem in future.

Air Coolers Raise Trouble Causing Water Leakage

Icing up is another reason that could lead to a water leak from the unit.Secondly , icing up is the another reason why cause your aircon water leaking. If that is the problem with your cooling system of the aircon unit ,If you find ice, unplug the aircon immediately and check the front grille of the unit.

If you found the ice on the aircon cooling coil , you can unplug your aircon unit and check the aircon front grille . If there is ice on aircon cooling coil , replace or repair the coil immediately.

Another common water leaking problem is from the front of the aircon unit. The water is leaking from the body of the aircon unit. If this is the case , you can check your unit by ON your aircon about half an hours.  Check and if there is a small water droplet in the front edge of the aircon , this can be because of water leaking problem.

Blocking Drain That Causes Leaking Water in Aircon Units

Another reason of water leaking is because of the drain of the aircon unit is blocked.  Drain hole is located at the rear of the aircon unit. If the drain hole is blocked and the water will get collected inside the unit and this will cause the water leaking problem. You can inspect the aircon unit by On the aircon for at least half an hour.

You can test it by operating the air conditioner for at least 30 minutes and inspect the unit to see if it is draining properly at the rear.

If your aircon drain hole is blocked or cant drain properly , there should be a considerable amount of water at the bese of the aircon unit.

Outside Temperature Too Cold

The cooling coil can ice up if the outside temperature is too cold compared to in indoor temperature.  Most of the time  ,this only happen when the outside temperature drop to 60 F or below at night time. If this is the case , you can find out water at the front of the aircon unit in the morning. To solve this kind of water leaking problem , turn off the aircon unit at the night time.

Looking for Aircon Water Leaking Troubleshooting Services?

If your air conditioner unit shows signs of leaking, you should consult a professional and experienced air conditioner repair company in the Singapore.

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In conclusion, water leaking  are the most common problem when come to aircon unit. We hope the above articles can help you more understand about the aircon water leaking.