Q & A

  1. Why is AC not cold?

Air conditioner basically consists of 2 parts; Evaporator (indoor) and condenser (outdoor). Evaporator acts as a blower to blow cold air produced by condenser. If there is no cold air coming out of the evaporator then the condenser may not work. Another possibility is:

  • The air conditioner unit is too small
  • Refrigerant (R22) gas (Freon) may be exhausted
  • Dirty condenser resulting in an inability to produce air cold
  • The temperature setting is too high
  • Dirty evaporator resulting in the weakness of cold air
  • Incorrect AC placement


  1. Why does water drip from AC (leaking)?

In AC units there is usually water condensate inside the evaporator and released through drainage / drainage pipes. Disposal channels clogged with dirt will cause leakage. Another possibility is that the refrigerant is too small, or it could be caused by improper installation of a disposal pipe.


  1. Why AC Cant On ?

One common cause is the lack of power to the AC unit. Check the electrical panel to ensure that the AC power supply is not cut off. Experienced technicians are needed to solve this electrical problem.


  1. What are the advantages of AC service on a regular basis?

Service AC regularly will provide benefits:

  • Cooling capacity by air conditioner is better
  • Electricity consumption is more efficient
  • Minimize water leakage problems
  • AC is not easily damaged so does not often require repair
  • Air conditioning longer span


  1. How often is air conditioning service required?

In general, it is recommended that the AC of residence be checked and treated every 3 months. These frequencies may vary depending on how they are used and other factors. You can seek advice / consultation on experienced technicians.


  1. Can I do my own air conditioning?

The recommended basic treatment is to clean air filters and AC panels every two weeks. This is enough to help keep the AC functioning properly.


  1. Why is AC noisy?

Noise can be caused by:

  • The vibrations caused by the evaporator and condenser are dirty
  • The components inside the AC unit may be loose
  • The components inside the AC unit may be damaged


  1. Why does air conditioner give off unpleasant smell?

Bad odor arises from bacteria formed in a dirty evaporator. If the odor is already very sting, you need chemical treatment to solve this problem.


  1. Why does AC require chemical cleaning / overhaul?

Chemical cleaning / overhaul is a comprehensive way of cleaning the air conditioning unit. When an AC is badly blocked and light service can not improve its condition, chemical cleaning is required. At the time of overhaul, the air-conditioning unit is disassembled piece by piece and chemically cleaned.


  1. Why should evaporator / fancoil need to be disassembled during chemical cleaning?

By disassembling the evaporator, its components can be thoroughly cleaned. This will make the air conditioner cleaner than dirt and chemical residues that can lead to rust on the evaporator.


  1. What should I know about choosing an AC service?

When choosing an aircon service provider, you must make sure that the aircon company is well retaliate and well established. At the same time , you need to Know the company profile and warranty for the services provided.


  1. What should be done if the problem of leakage of refrigerant / freon?

If your AC has a Freon leak problem, adding Freon is not a solution. Experienced and trained technicians should test to locate the leak and fix it. After the repair is complete, the correct amount of Freon needs to be added to the Ac unit to replace the leaking Freon.


  1. What are the advantages of air purifying filters and how often do we have to replace them?

Currently most new air conditioners are equipped with an Air Purifying Filter (air purifying filter). This air purifier serves to eliminate unpleasant odors, bacteria, fungi and harmful particles scattered in the room. This air purifying filter should be replaced every 3-6 months. The indicator that the filter needs to be replaced is usually the color of the filter which when it is new is white and when it is dirty it is dark brown or black. A dirty but not replaced air purifying filter will cause the AC cooling capacity to decrease.


  1. Do I need a condenser (outdoor) servicing?

You need a condenser (outdoor) servicing at least once a year to ensure air circulation in the AC system is not hampered as this may lead to cooling inefficiencies, short AC compressor life and electrical waste. To find out if it is necessary to do this condenser treatment, consult with an experienced technician.


  1. Why is ice cubes formed on copper pipes in condenser (outdoor)?

The formation of ice cubes on the condenser pipe due to lack of refrigerant (freon). Another possible cause is a dirty evaporator, dirty filter, or blower not working.


  1. Why does the AC often turn on and off by itself?

The existence of damage to electronic components (electronic circuit board) inside the indoor unit that serves to regulate the evaporative process can result in the AC often turns on and off alone. Problems can be solved by performing component repair and replacement.


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