Aircon Normal Servicing

Singapore the countries where you start to realize that you can’t live well without air conditioning. The hotclimate makes it very difficult to breathe normally even indoors or outdoors. Air conditioning helps maintain a good indoor environment, so you can enjoy without being choked by moisture.

However, one thing you must pay attention is timely maintenance to keep your aircon in the best operating condition. Without regular servicing , your air conditioner is destined to face inevitable problems, making the entire your aircon installation worthless! It is better to maintain the air conditioning on time than to deal with extreme heat.

We believe that air conditioning maintenance should be a simple and easy job. It should cover any kind of problems and complexities so that everyone can do it with confidence.

What does air conditioning repair include?

Each time you contact us for an air conditioner repair, here are some of the inspections and tests we do as part of the overall service package. We make sure that we can test multiple parts and components to solve problems on the spot, rather than letting you run into problems. In addition to deep cleaning with clean water, we also look for parts that may need to be replaced.

Our service package includes:

  • Thoroughly test circuit boards and connections to ensure no parts and contacts are damaged
  • Inspect the front of the air conditioner, including the cover, panels and filters . We look for all signs of damage on the top / bottom and sides of the equipment.
  • Monitor the suction pressure and discharge of the compressor to ensure your air conditioner is operating in the promised condition
  • Make sure there are no squeaking noises or unusual noises when the air conditioner is turned on
    Deep cleaning front filter
  • Monitor how the blower works and if there are any signs that it may not work at full speed
  • Clean everything thoroughly from the evaporator coil to the drain pan
  • Water overflow in the condenser tube

With such intensive air conditioning maintenance, there will be no signs it will slow down the next time you turn on the air conditioner. Software packages are customized to meet the needs of all customers, leaving zero room for errors or improvements.

Our goal is to make sure you can live a comfortable and cozy life! Even if your air conditioner fails on hot summer days, in our case, it won’t work!

You should take the annual package for air conditioning maintenance. This will prevent costs from accumulating in the long run and save a lot of cash in the long run.