How Often To Service

How often your aircon unit need to be checked or serviced?

Normally , you need to check or service your aircon unit for every 1 month for commercial usage 3 months for residential usage

For  aircon servicing maintainance, its normally come to general servicing or chemical servicing , Which type of services , its depend how your aircon usage and situation.

1stly . general aircon servicing is  for a solution where your AC unit require monthly aircon maintenance. The services which including cleaning condensate drain pain, evaporator coils , condensate water drainage system , blades and blower wheels with clear water. Physical and visual check the aircon feature like electrical components , all the aircon setting on the refrigerant system and in the system. Finally checking for general servicing  is lubrication for all the parts in the system unit.

For Aircon Chemical Servicing is suitable for those aircon unit user who use the aircon for many year without regular maintenance. In this category , servicing will be including remove the evaporator and reinstall back with chemical. This category cleaning will be including all the cleaning service in general aircon servicing

Why so important you need to do the general and chemical aircon servicing , you may ask ?

Every year , if your air conditioning system is not property checked or maintained, unit operation efficient will be drop 5 to 10 percent annually.

What will happen if the aircon unit performance dropped ?

The best explanation for the aircon unit performance dropped are system breakdown which is very costly for some situation and electrical consumption which is you need to pay more for your bill.

To prevent this , we recommended your aircon system unit to be regularly checked and maintained either normal servicing or chemical servicing. This can help you save money and aircon unit lifespan.

With regular checking and maintaining , most of 95 percent of your AC Unit efficiency will be ensured for performance.

I hope with this helpful information , you can plan and scheduling now for your next aircon servicing to prevent your aircon unit from regular breakdowns and need to pay more for repairing.

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