To Repair Your Aircon Or Buying a New One

Singapore is very hot and humid country , if you aircon is not cooling enough , you will find difficulty stay at home . In such situation , you need to decide whether you need to repair your aircon or buy an aircon.  Decision to repair or not to repair your air conditional is depend on few factor which we will discuss below .

Aircon Age: One of the main factor to buy or repair your aircon is the age of your aircon. According to the experiment from HVAC expert . One of the easy way to decide to buy or not to buy the new aircon is 5000 rule. If multiplication of an aircon repair cost and its age is less than 5000 , you should repair the aircon . Otherwise , if the multiplication of an aircon repair cost and its age is more than 5000 , you should buy a new aircon. For example , if your aircon is 10 year old , and the repair cost is $300 , the multiplication is 3000. In this case , you should repair it instead to buy the new aircon.

Energy usage of your aircon : Latest aircon technology which is more energy efficient . Latest technology which including investor aircon which is very quite and save energy. You can see your aircon energy by see the energy star in your aircon . The more star mean more energy efficient . The lest star mean more power needed for the aircon and not so energy efficient. If your aircon is more than 10 years and less energy efficient, we can change the new one with more energy efficient. This is for long time investment for your electrical bills.

Maintenance history of your aircon : The lifespan of an aircon is depend on the usage of your aircon. The more you use your aircon , the lifespan decreased. The less you use your aircon , the lifespan increase. An aircon normally can be used for 10 to15 years. If you airon is very old and more than 15 years ,you should change the new one instead to repair. Because normally the old aircon repair cost is more than you buy the new air conditional.

Recent past performance : You aircon should be repaired if the parts is still in good condition and its running smoothly in the pass. However , if your aircon pass performance is very poor or its giving you problem many time , you should change your aircon instead to repair it . Noisy is very annoying , sometime old aircon always  give you many sound . That mean you should change your air conditional.

Location changed : In some occasion , you may need to move your room or house , which is space changed. If your space is bigger you should change the bigger aircon. If your new space is smaller , you can switch to smaller aircon which is more energy efficient. Different location may have the different lighting , you should know the old or new aircon which is suitable for your new place.

In conclusion , repair or buy the new aircon in Singapore can be various from various air conditional expert. But the final decision is depend on you if you feel current aircon give you more power bill or you not satisfy with your aircon condition. Visit our Singapore Aircon Servicing Website for more detail.