Plan For Landed Property Aircon Installation

Almost all the world uses air conditioners to curb sweating during the day and night. Unless they suddenly stop working, most of us don’t really care about our air conditioners. For new aircon installation , please visit our website for more information .

However, when planning to install air conditioning on your property, you need to consider a few things discussed briefly in this article.

People used to install air conditioners on windows, but nowadays, you can find all kinds of air conditioners on the market, and you should choose the most suitable one. Some types of air conditioners available on the market may include:

Window and wall air conditioning:

Currently, units are often installed on windows and walls. The wall-mounted unit is permanently fixed to the outside of the wall, while the AC window is installed in the window of the room.

But you don’t have to sacrifice windows by installing air conditioners on the walls. Both types of air conditioners have advantages and disadvantages, but you should choose from them so that you can install them as soon as possible with professional help.

In some countries/regions, you may need to hire a trained technician to install an air conditioner on the wall. However, if you have knowledge and experience, you can also install it yourself.

Is the air conditioning unit an inverter or an inverter:

When planning to install air conditioners, the following conditions should be met. After turning on, the non-inverter air conditioner can run at full speed, but if it is an inverter air conditioner, the compressor can be run at different speeds from the air.

In fact, once the air conditioner reaches the required temperature level in the room, the inverter technology used in the air conditioner can reduce the speed of the compressor. On the other hand, non-inverter air conditioners cannot run at full speed. It can increase your electricity bill.

Number of internal units connected to external units:

Some air conditioner manufacturers allow you to use more than one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. You can choose the air conditioner according to the number of indoor units you want to install in your home.

The size of the room to be cooled

When planning to install air conditioning on your property, you should also consider the size of the room where you plan to install the air conditioning. The same type of air conditioner cannot be used to cool larger and smaller rooms.

You can consider the BTU level provided to choose the right air conditioner. You should increase the square footage of space by 35 times to get the BTU air suitable for your room.

Organize air conditioning operations

Even if it is unavoidable due to the weather conditions in your area, always run the air conditioner, which is very expensive for you. Therefore, in order to reduce the electricity bill to a fairly high level, before installing the air, you should know the energy consumed by the air.

On average, AC power consumes 1000 watts of energy, while vertical fans consume 50-100 watts of energy. Therefore, if you use the air conditioner for up to 8 hours a month at night, and always use the fan, you can easily save $60-150 per month.

The EER ratio or energy efficiency provided in the air conditioning unit can help you understand the amount of electricity to use.

Additional services to reduce maintenance costs

Some air conditioner manufacturers also provide upgraded versions of their products to save your electricity bills. Although it can increase the unit cost, you can still reduce its maintenance cost by using other services provided by the company (such as extended warranty, pipeline upgrades and service packages)


When planning to install air conditioners on your property, you should consider the techniques discussed in this article to install the correct type of air conditioner and reduce its operating and maintenance costs.

It is recommended that you choose an upgraded air model, because in the long run, even if you need to spend more money at this time, it can also save you money. Please contact us for all the Singapore aircon installation and servicing