Best Aircon Cleaning Service Singapore

Buying the best air conditioner brand is not enough. You must use it regularly to get the best cooling effect from the equipment. Many people think that there is no need for regular maintenance and only clean the machine when it is damaged. In fact, many people clean the filters themselves, without bothering to find a professional to complete the task. But for this reason, you may not be able to see many problems immediately. All air-conditioning companies recommend that an aircon unit need to be serviced at least every three months. This will keep the machine running perfectly and provide you with the best cooling effect. For more information , please visit our aircon servicing website .

Prevent frequent damage and extend the life of the air conditioner

Imagine your air conditioner failed in a meeting with important customers. There is no doubt that the encounter will not end the way you want. The best way to avoid frequent damage to the air conditioner is to ensure that it is always serviced regularly. There are many moving parts in the air, and dust will hinder the smooth operation of these parts. When the machine sucks in air from the outside, it also sucks in dust, which is deposited in all parts, making it unable to operate normally. This is when your air conditioner fails. During regular maintenance, the air conditioner needs to be chemically cleaned. Different chemicals are used to clean the various parts of the equipment to make it run smoothly.

Aircon is a huge investment. This is especially true when you buy a large number of units for your office. You want them to work for several years before replacement. Only if they work for a lifetime, you can get a return on your investment. However, if the equipment is not regularly maintained, the air conditioner will not work properly. It will not last a lifetime, and you may need to replace the unit. This is because the part will fade quickly. When dust accumulates in the air conditioner, its parts may quickly fade. This means you need to replace spare parts more frequently, and you also need to replace equipment quickly. The air-conditioning service company can chemically clean the equipment and ensure that no dust accumulates in it.

Avoid many chemical overhaul problems

There may be various problems with the air conditioner. Sometimes it makes more noise than it should. When water drips from the air, accidents can also occur. This will damage the carpet on the floor. In some units, there is a problem of odor diffusion. This will destroy the clean environment of the office. Mold will form in the air, and dirt will mix with moisture. Mold endangers the health of employees. Although the regular service will completely clean the equipment, there are still many places where dust accumulates. It can only be cleaned when the air is chemically checked.

If you compare chemical repair with chemical overhaul, the fact is that both are necessary. Although one of them is executed frequently, the other is executed once a year. A chemical inspection must be carried out once a year to ensure that all parts of the air conditioner are thoroughly cleaned. In such a cleaning process, the technician will disassemble the entire device and use different appropriate chemicals to clean each part. The drain pipe will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there is no accumulation of water in the drain pipe. Water blocking will cause water droplets in the air. After the mold and dirt are completely removed, the device will no longer have a bad smell. When all parts are working normally, the machine will work very quietly. With so many benefits, you must make sure to perform a chemical inspection at least once a year.

The best way to ensure regular air conditioning is to sign a contract with a service company. They will perform regular services every three months and ensure that the air conditioner is chemically cleaned to clean all parts. When signing a contract with a company, you don’t have to worry about remembering the time to provide services in the airspace. They will come and clean the machine in due course. The service company will also check the equipment for other problems during regular maintenance. A well-maintained air conditioner will work normally for many years. This will also make your employees happy.