Why Your Aircon Need Chemical Overhaul

The best ways to maintain fresh and clean air in a house is installing an aircon. To ensure the room with air circulated well and comfort the people , you need a good air conditioning system. Proper aircon servicing and maintenance is a must if you want to maintain the good air level in your house or office. Aircon Chemical Overhaul is one of the best to clean your air conditional. Please check our aircon chemical overhaul price in our website.

What is chemical overhaul ? Aircon chemical overhaul is process of fully reconditioning and cleaning of an air conditioner that is running long without proper cleaned. This aircon cleaning method is the best for the aircon used continuously without cleaning. Chemical overhaul also play important roles in improving and restoring the aircon performance. The method is very a must for improving the aircon performance if normal servicing failed to solve the problem.

In aircon chemical overhaul , a lot of work need to be carry out . First , we must dismantle aircon unit from the wall , and the next we make sure every part of the aircon unit to be cleaned . In the process of cleaning , special chemical will be used to make sure it is fully cleaned. The purpose we do like this is to ensure all parts cleaned . So , air expelled from the aircon unit is fresh and clean. This kind of cleaning is very good for those who has allergies and breathing problem. Fan bearing lubrication is the next to do which to make sure your aircon unit running well without any annoying  noise. For those aircon with serious water leaking , drainage system chemical cleansing is carried out next. The process is to ensure the aircon unit running smooth and stop the water leaking.

The fan evaporator is cleaned using the chemical during the chemical overhaul . This is to remove the accumulated dirt and dust so the heat is transformed properly for the air conditional unit. The level of the refrigerant gas is also checked during this process , this is the to ensure the aircon have the enough gas for the heat exchanging in the aircon. All the cleaning processing is using the special chemical to make sure the cleaning can breaking down all the accumulated dirt and dust particle which is sucked at the outside of the aircon.

Another reason why you should do chemical overhaul is all the thermostats and control of the unit are checked . The whole aircon is tested before commissioning the function. The fan blades , blow wheel and the drain pan  are also totally cleaned when the aircon fan coil is reinstalled. After that , the aircon pressure is also checked to make sure the aircon functioning correctly.

There have many significant benefit if you having your aircon chemical overhaul cleaning. The aircon will work less hard to cool down your office or house. This will make your aircon consuming less power and save your electricity bill. At the same time , the chemical overhaul also will sure make your aircon unit have longer life which give better fresh , safe and clean air. Please visit our website https://www.serviceairconsingapore.com/ for more information.