Why Your Aircon Breaker Keep Tripping?

If you have an air conditioning system and want to know what causes the Aircon system power trip, then you don’t have to worry anymore, because this is your way out.

First of all, you must know that in the case of a air conditioner circuit breaker tripping, this means that it consumes a lot of power compared to previously.

They can be annoying if they get trip for a long time, but you must know that this is a measure designed to protect you from electrical currents that can cause a fire or even damage your equipment.

It is best to avoid resetting the circuit breaker and focus on finding a way out of the air conditioner. Some reasons why the air conditioner is trip are:

Motor Problem

Your air conditioner motor can run for a long time, which can damage the insulation around the wires and leads to power short.

If the power is insufficient, your circuit breaker will trip to prevent damage to the air conditioner and the house.

Bad capacitor

If your air conditioner fails to start before the circuit breaker is moved, its capacitor is damaged. Usually, the capacitor is responsible for starting the compressor.

When the compressor has a problem when it is turned on, it consumes a lot of energy and causes the circuit breaker to jam. However, you must be aware that the capacitor may run out because the capacitor must be replaced.

The condenser coil is dirty

If you ignore the regular preventive maintenance measures for the air conditioner, you will eventually realize that it will not cool your house. In this case, the condenser coil may be dirty.

Usually, the outside of the air conditioner is equipped with a condenser coil, whose main function is to release heat that may accumulate outside the house.

However, since it is usually exposed to the external environment, it may be covered by debris and dust. When this happens, the heat transfer will be disrupted, making your system work longer and harder, thereby cooling your house.

This will allow your air conditioner to gain a lot of energy and cause the circuit breaker to jam. To service your condenser unit , please checking our webiste .

Cooling leak

If you have an old air conditioning system that has not been serviced for a long time, the coil will corrode, causing holes, cracks, and refrigerant leaks.

Once the cooling level drops, your air conditioner will work longer and will work harder to cool the house. This causes the system to use a lot of energy to make the circuit breaker tripping.

Dirty air filter

If your air conditioner filter is dirty, it will make it more difficult to circulate air through the vents. In this case, your air conditioner will be forced to run longer to circulate enough air until it reaches the temperature you set.

When your air conditioning system has to run for a long time, it will consume a lot of energy and cause the circuit breaker to get stuck. To complete this operation, you must clean the filter or replace it with a new one.

Breaker damaged

Sometimes the problem may be the air conditioner, not the circuit breaker. Generally, circuit breakers can protect your house from electrical damage.

However, due to continuous use, the wires connected to the circuit breaker may loosen or damage the circuit breaker. Some signs indicate that your circuit breaker is malfunctioning:

Broken wire

When you smell the burning smell from the circuit breaker that mean s the circuit breaker overheated when touched.

If you encounter such problems, you should contact an electrical maintenance expert for help.

What causes the Aircon system to get stuck-conclusion

Through the above guide, you will find that regular maintenance of the air conditioning system can avoid many problems that may cause tripping.

Therefore, it is best to invest at least once or twice a year to avoid trouble. For aircon maintenance service , please contact our customer service for more information.