Why is my Air Conditioner Making Noise?

Your aircon very noisy?  Air conditioner helps cool your home and office. But sometimes, the same cooling device keeps your head hot too. This happens when the air conditioner starts to make noise. Noisy air conditioning problem is always a very annoying problem. When buying and installing air conditioners, they are suitable for cooling the environment. Over time, nets and some of the aircon parts began to accumulate dust and hence cause the aircon making noise. Before we understand the causes of air conditioning noise, let’s take a look at the construction of air conditioners.

Air conditioners include fans or panels and external units made up of compressors. Compressors and fans composed of moving parts are expected to generate some noise. So the air conditioner came in with a well-filled, soundproofed material. The fasteners and rails used at installation are designed to absorb some vibration. But as time goes by, these components begin to fail. Noisy air conditioners generate different types of noise, which can be diagnosed as providing appropriate remedial measures.

The tingle  and bang  sounds showed that one of the unit’s moving parts had been loose. This may include the connecting rod between the crankshaft or the fan. Parts must be used frequently, otherwise tightening the bolts will loosen. If you are lucky, simply tighten it, otherwise the last solution is to replace the part itself. Rattling and clicking can be heard generally. This may be due to loose bolts, loose pipes or damaged springs. Tightening the components is a good choice. However, if the clicking is still there and the thermostat has been blown, you may need professional air conditioning repair. As time goes by, clinking sounds may be heard due to changes in compressor position; readjustment and relocation will be best.

Also, buzzing  and humming  can be seen when the air conditioner’s fan has accumulated a lot of dirt and is out of alignment. Appropriate inspection time and the necessary lubrication can save soup; otherwise you will have to use bearings to complete. Sometimes buzzing can cause serious motor and air conditioning repair problems that can become a daunting task to assess. Bubbling inside the unit, high hissing indicates that the refrigerant pipeline leak, causing serious consequences. In this case, you should ask a professional air-conditioning company to restore the health of the air conditioner.

Noisy air conditioners can be eliminated by surrounding the exterior unit with wood and using cushioning material around the unit’s fasteners. However, follow the instructions in the manual and perform regular air conditioning repairs. Appropriate periodic aircon service will not only guarantee the best cooling, but it will also improve the life of your air conditioner.