Why My Aircon Automatic On and Off?

Wondering why aircon is turned on and off automatically? How long have you been hanging around in your home during sunny hot days, or have you been comfortable with the cool air conditioners, suddenly turning off ? So, when you want to check out, it will return to the origin? Knowing a ghost will not do that until fear panics. It usually happens when the air conditioning system fails and you should have the problem worse before it should have a fixed.


Possible reason

Before you call the air conditioning repair technician, please check whether your device is equipped with energy-saving or sleep mode function. Most air conditioning units, especially the newer models and ENERGY STAR rating models, have these features to help you save energy. You must have already on it; therefore, your system is turned off at a specific time of the day. Read your equipment manual and check the instructions. You can turn it off for a few days to see if the problem continues. If so, something else is causing it. If not, you can switch to energy saving mode again.

Dirty compressors is the most common problem causing aircon on and off. Air conditioning generates heat during operation, and the heat need to escape from the component. However, if the aircon  compressor is clogged because of dirty or dust,  and will become overheating. Overheating causing the aircon to auto off by itself.  When the air con system has cooled down, it will turn on by itself.

After you cleaning the compressor, coil and filter , but the power is still off, the problem may be with your aircon safety switch. You can call the aircon servicing company to check , fix or replace it.

Another reason is the low gas. Your air conditioner may not have enough gas to cool down the room ,  and need to be charged.

Finally, your air conditioning electronic circuit board may cause the aircon auto on and off .

Electronic circuit board can cause some components of the air conditioner to stop working perfectly, such as fan coils, which in turn can lead to auto off due to overheating.


You should  fix it yourself?

You may want to do this in order to save money. In addition, cleaning the filters of compressors and air conditioning systems sounds easy. However, if you do something wrong, you can damage the system instead of repairing the system. Unless you’re qualified how to do that, if not, do not try to spoil up your air conditioner’s internal components. The voltage in some wires is very low and can not be avoided unless know them.

The circuit board is also subtle, and only properly trained people understand the capabilities of each parts. The exact cause of the troubleshooting should only be performed by a person with expertise in fixing air conditioning systems. Even filling your equipment with refrigerant can only be done by EPA-certified personnel. Be sure to seek qualified registered HVAC service technicians.