When will I know that I need to refill the air conditioner gas?

Here are the things to check:

Does your air conditioning unit take a long time to cool down your room?

When the air conditioning unit takes a long time to cool your room, it means that the discharged air is much higher than the ideal cooling temperature because more heat is trapped in the cooling room due to the low cooling level.

When the temperature of the exhaled air is higher, this means that it will now take longer to cool the room. Please visit www.serviceairconsingapore.com for more information.

Look at the cooling line. Is there ice on it?

Low coolant level means low pressure, so the temperature of the coolant pipe will be low. When the coolant level is low, the coolant temperature at the beginning of the evaporator coil is low. This will cause air moisture to condense into the freezing coil, which will cause ice to begin to form on it. When ice starts to form in the coil, it will cause the surrounding parts to also freeze, which will eventually lead to ice formation in the cooling pipe.

Hear bubbling / hissing  from the air conditioner?

This may be due to a leak in your cooling pipe. The cooling pipe contains high pressure, which can circulate the refrigerant to the entire air conditioning unit. Therefore, when the cooling pipe in your air conditioning unit leaks, it will cause bubbling and hissing noises due to the high pressure in the pipe.

4. Sudden increase in electricity bills?

This electricity bulls increase is related to the longer time required for air-conditioning equipment to cool your room. A longer cooling cycle in an air conditioning system means that the air conditioning unit works harder to keep the room cool, which causes the unit to consume more energy than it should. So look at your electricity bill carefully. If you notice a sudden increase, check the sign above to see if it’s caused by your air conditioning unit. For gas top up , you can contact our aircon servicing customer service line here .