What is Aircon Steam Cleaning ? Why Choose Aircon Steam Cleaning?

All the electrical have varied lifespan , it depend on how to use it and how well it maintained . To extend your aircon lifespan , you need to servive your aircon regularly to improve your aircon performance. Aircon steam cleaning is one of the best way to clean your aircon. It’s an advance method which is use high pressure steam jet to expel dirty in the aircon clogged aread, at the same time Aircon Steam Cleaning also help to remove hard to reach crevices and sterilises surfaces. Because of its environmentally friendly nature, many environmentally sensitive Singaporean prefer steam cleaning over other chemical methods. For inquiry , please visit our website for more information .

Benefits of Aircon Steam Cleaning

Environmental protection: Water and electricity are the only components required in the steam cleaning process. No harmful chemicals are used at all. Moreover, it does not require too much water to produce enough steam to clean large surface areas, which makes this method of maintenance very environmentally friendly.

Non chemical cleaning: You can be sure that a non -abrasive steam cleaning process will not damage your air conditioner. When chemicals are used, although they are rare, these chemicals can corrode air conditioning coils or damage aluminum fins. Since there are no chemicals at all, steam cleaning is a more affordable and gentler alternative than chemical cleaning.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria: High pressure steam cleans and covers every corner and crevice of the air conditioning unit, effectively destroying 99.9% of bacteria, bugs and other microorganisms trapped in it. Hot steam can also act as an oil softener that may stick to dirt or debris on the evaporator coil, which can then be easily removed.

Fresher indoor air: Steam cleaning has also been shown to effectively remove unpleasant odors in air conditioners by eliminating bacteria in the coils. Through regular aircon steam cleaning, the airflow of your air conditioner will also be improved, resulting in better aircon quality and performance.

Dry Faster: The concentrated water produced in the steam cleaning process evaporates faster as it removes heat, effectively shortening the drying time and maximizing efficiency. It also leaves no chemicals or waste.

It depend on your aircon usage, the ideal frequency will vary. For aircon that run around eight hour a day, we recommend steam cleaning every 6 months. To avoid the risk of damage to more sensitive equipment aircon conditional, you should contact a professional air conditioning technician who is experienced in steam cleaning and has the appropriate protective equipment to perform this work.

Overall, Singapore air conditioner steam cleaning is a quick and wear -free method that can provide good cleaning and disinfection for your air conditioner, remove dirt, get rid of bugs, and kill 99.9% of bacteria. One of the biggest benefits of steam cleaning is that you can clean the air conditioner without harming the earth. If you are an environmentalist and have not tried steam cleaning, you should try and admire what this modern advanced cleaning technology can do with the power of pressure , heat and water. For booking , please visit our booking page .