The Disadvantage Of An Aircon

Want to know what is the weakness of air conditional? Aircon is one of the greatest man-made devices. It can help people stay cool in the hot weather and at the same time make their homes have a livable living environment.

However, in addition to advantages, air conditioning has some disadvantages. We invite you to discuss in this article.


We will start simple. Unless you have an expensive next-generation air conditioner, you will always experience noise. This is something you can’t miss, especially if you have old equipment installed. In fact, all air conditioners generate a certain amount of noise.

However, modern equipment makes less noise. The premium air conditioner has a noise reduction system. This is why if you don’t want your device to be too powerful, you need to buy more advanced equipment.

Skin problems

One of the disadvantages of air conditioning is its ability to cause dry skin. If you are always in the room where you are working, this machine may affect your skin. The air dries the air in the room and reduces the humidity. In this way, living in a dry environment can cause dry skin.This can cause eczema, itching, and even make the skin look pale.

Eye problems

Dry air caused by air not only affects the skin, but also the eyes. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time in the same room with the air conditioner, your eyes will start to sigh. They can become dry and make you feel sick.

If you stay in a dry place for a few months, you will face more serious eye problems. In this way, you should avoid staying in the room while the air conditioner is working. You’d better leave the room while blowing cold air. You can return about half an hour after turning off the air conditioner.

Affect breathing

Sudden changes in temperature are something your body hates. Usually, the temperature and humidity are higher when you are away than indoors. These temperature shocks can affect your body and brain.

Specifically, your respiratory system should suffer a lot. To reduce this risk, you need to ensure smoother changes.

how about it? Well, you should first set the air conditioner temperature to be 2 to 3 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. Then, you can gradually switch to a lower temperature.

Make you lazy

Sometimes, air conditioning can bring you too much comfort. You enjoy the fresh atmosphere created by the unit, but you forgot to do the action. You may want to stay at home alone, avoid sunbathing, walk in the park and exercise.

The downside is when this happens. Not only do you have to avoid important actions, but you also spend a lot of time in a dry environment. As you know, such an environment may cause some health problems.

High bill

Aircon will make you pay to make you feel comfortable in the hot weather. And you need to be prepared to see if the number on the bill is higher than usual. In addition, the stronger the equipment and the faster the cooling air, the more power it consumes.

Fortunately, some modern air conditioners on the market have high energy efficiency. Usually, this is a unit equipped with an inverter. The inverter is a component that can automatically adjust power according to environmental requirements.

This means that if your room is already cold, the air conditioner will off by itself. This can avoid excessive electricity usage and make you pay less


If you live in a polluted environment, there is almost no air conditioner that can be used to prevent air pollution from entering your home. Exhaust gases from cars, fog and other harmful substances will enter your room through the air conditioner.

In this way, the air you breathe will not be very clean and will emit an unpleasant smell. This poses more threats to your respiratory system. Fortunately, everything is not lost for you. If you buy an air conditioner with a filter, you can get clean air.

The filter will block all toxins from the outside world, allowing you to breathe fresh air.

What are the disadvantages of air conditioning? – in conclusion

Overall, the air conditioner is the best weapon against high temperature weather. Of course, it has some disadvantages, such as slight noise during operation and two-way problems. For aircon servicing and installation Singapore , please contact Mastercool Aircon for more information.