Repair VS Replacing A New Aircon

If your air conditioning unit is often down in service and you have noticed it is no longer performing its duties, we know that you are now faced with the dilemma of choosing to repair or replace a unit. Is replacement too early? Is it the best choice to fix this unit in the long run? Is the newer model more efficient and convenient? Will the replacement of my old unit give me the reliability and functionality I’ve been looking for?

When deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioning unit, there are many things you need to consider to make the right decision. We have compiled all the knowledge about repairing and replacing air conditioning systems, so keep reading to see what they are.

The benefits of replacing air conditioning units

Here are some of the benefits related to air conditioning system replacement:

* Significant cost savings:

Has your system been more than a decade old? If so, the unit’s maintenance costs will be at least 50% of the system value. If you upgrade to newer and more efficient systems, you can save more energy. If you choose to buy a new air conditioner, you can also save up to 20% to 40% on cooling costs – this percentage will vary based on SEER or seasonal energy efficiency.

* Tax incentives:

In addition to the energy savings these may increase the useful life of the new system, the available tax benefits will help you save up to 30% on the amazing new ticket costs. Make sure you look for an ENERGY STAR tag air-conditioning system as this means you can save up to 40% of the total cost.

* Warranty:

The updated air conditioning unit comes with a warranty service that will help you save you a lot of maintenance costs if you experience any problems.

* Green Discount:

HVAC regulatory committee regulations, air-conditioning system shall not cause harm to the environment, so the new air-conditioning equipment is protecting the ozone layer. Upgrading to a new air conditioning system can already contribute to this lovely planet that protects our lives. Not only that, it can also help you avoid the high costs of repairing older air conditioning systems. The reason that repairing old air conditioning models is expensive is because consumables are decreasing every year. If you have a ten-year system, then most likely its parts have been eliminated.

* Comfort and air quality:

The new air conditioning units do a better job of controlling indoor humidity and temperature, reducing the development and growth of mold. It also improves the air quality and comfort in your home through folds.

* Convenience:

You do not have to wait for the service company to knock on the door and check your system. In addition, repair services must search for air-conditioned parts that are hard to find because most of them are outdated. All of this means you have more time feeling uncomfortable at home because you do not have the proper cooling system.

The benefits of repairing old air conditioning systems

Here’s how to figure out if it’s a better idea to fix a system instead of replacing it:

* Newer system:

For new and relatively new systems, you still have the unit’s warranty, so you should not change it. If you do not do that, it would be more economical to do so if you fix it.

* Fifty percent of the rules:

If the repair costs are less than 50 percent of the system value, and if you have not been affected by the monthly repair phone bill, just to keep your air conditioner up and running, maintenance costs will greatly reduce the checkbook.


If you plan to move out of your current apartment immediately and your air conditioning system is still working, simply contact your local real estate agent and ask if it will be in your best interests to replace or repair it.


If your air conditioning unit is just lying on the fence, you can do simple job to fix your aircon and this will help extend the life of your system. If you found the problem on your aircon , you can make immediate repair or replacement. If this will be in your best interest, consult a professional aircon technician.


Recognize the signs of repair and replacement

Here’s the sign that can tell you, it’s time to call the air-conditioner technician:

*Age of aircon:

In the air conditioning repair and replacement, technicians recommend replacing the system more than 10 years. Although these units may stay for several years, over time, these units will lose their energy efficiency, which will certainly allow you to spend more energy.

* Frequent crashes:

If your system does not meet the performance requirements, especially at the hottest times of the year, or if you interrupt multiple times in a year, repairing your system will not be your greatest interest. In some cases, maintenance costs increase dramatically over time, which will cost you more than just investing in new air conditioning equipment.

* Uneven temperature:

An uneven temperature will be an indicator of the cooling upgrade you may need.


If your air conditioning unit needs to be overused to keep up with your home’s cooling needs, it eventually ends up randomly or becomes too noisy. Maintain and establish regular maintenance programs to keep the system up and running. In addition, an annual professional repair is included, so you can prevent problems even before they happen.