How To Save Cost On Air Conditioner?

How To Save Cost On Air Conditioner?

Want to learn how to save cost on aircon in Singapore? For tropical countries and those that experience heat waves during the summer seasons, having an air conditioner is vital in most households. Having a cool environment inside your homes is important so you can function comfortably and enjoy a restful sleep. Ordinary fans will not be able to provide the same level of comfort that an air conditioning system can.

Unfortunately, electric costs can also spike up during these hot months with prolonged usage of your air conditioner. In able to still enjoy the comfort it brings and at the same time make things easier on the pocket, you have to employ some steps to keep your electric bills within your budget. Here are some tips that you can do in order to achieve this.

Proper Placement of Your Aircon Unit

You should place your air conditioning unit in a shady area inside your home; this can increase its efficiency by 10 percent, which translates to a lower energy cost. This means that the machine will be producing the same cool temperature without working too hard.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you are using a central air condition system that operates with a thermostat, program it so that the temperature inside your home does not deviate much from the outside temperature when you are not at home. There is no need to make your aircon unit work hard all day when your house is empty. You can also program it to start cooling your home a few hours before you arrive. This slow decrease in temperature will require less energy than if you suddenly maximize the setting to hastily cool your house.

Clean Your Aircon Filters to Boost Efficiency

When the filters of your air conditioner are clogged, it requires more energy to be able to produce the same cool air. This equates to a larger electric bill. Read your manual for the proper schedule of cleaning your filters or make a regular checking of the filters by yourself.

Regular Aircon Maintenance

Aside from cleaning and replacing your filters regularly, you should also have it checked annually by a certified technician, preferably before the hot season starts. This way you are sure that your unit is functioning efficiently and not using more power than necessary. It also assures you that your unit will not breakdown in the middle of the heat wave.

Smaller Aircon Units

The Centralized air conditioner cooling units use more energy because this type of aircon are designed to cool a large area. If you are living alone or if your family uses some rooms minimally, then it is wise to invest on a window type air conditioner that operates on a low horsepower just enough to cool a single room. These are ideal for the bedrooms or family rooms.

Insulators Around Your Home

Minimize the amount of heat that enters your homes by installing insulators on your ceilings and walls. They work both on the summer and winter months. You can also try placing solar screen on your windows to block the rays of the sun.

Buy Energy Star Aircon

If you are yet to buy a new unit for your home, choose one with an Energy Star rating. They consume less energy, thus, lets you save 10% to 25% depending on the model you choose. Contact our staff if you want to know more aircon information .