How To Reduce AC’s power consumption

Living in Singapore with an average temperature of 35 ° C and a humidity of almost 100%, the demand for airconds or air conditioning continues to increase every year like other south-east countries even though it uses high electricity only for more comfortable living space. We all know that air conditioner is one of the main household appliances and uses the most energy. If you can reduce the use of airconds, you can save money from electricity bills.

However, the lack of understanding of usage and information on air cond has led to more waste of electricity. The majority of homeowners will wonder if shutting down the air conditioner is better if not at home. We definitely want to save every dollar and we want the most effective way of managing things. However, some believe that letting air condes open even when home is more economical.

Theory: Air Conditioners Need to Work Harder When Home is Hotter

By letting your air conditioner be used at all times even when you’re not at home is inefficient as it causes higher energy consumption. It can also damage your system. The use of your system as it should extend its life for several years rather than relying on the myth that letting it stay open is better.
Throw away this bad habit now, and you’ll feel the difference in utility bills. Most people are unaware that by changing the thermostat temperature only 1 degree can cause your aircond to work more than 5% – you can save or waste money in the long run. Choose the ideal temperature for you and your family.

Remain Cold And Save Money On Aircond
Human behavior is one of the key factors that determines how much electricity and money are used for aerial aerial operations. The simple steps taken by consumers can sometimes make a significant difference as long as good habits are maintained. Below are some ways to stay cool and more energy efficient air conditioning.

6 Easy Ways to Save Electric Bills

1. Switch Off Main Switch

Maka sure the main switch is switch off every time you off the aircond switch. Habit shutting down the main switch looks like no difference but did you know that by doing this, you saved 10% of the total electricity consumption at home! Even though you have closed the air conditioner using the remote control but do not shut down the main switch, the standby power is still using electricity without you knowing.

2. Set Timer

Use the timer (sleep mode) to automatically shut down your air conditioner after a few hours when the room has cooled or after sleep. You can ON for an hour or two then off automatically and use the fan. Midnight is cooler, so you do not have to use aircond and wrapped. When we sleep, our body temperature actually decreases and at the time, we do not need a cool environment. More air conditioning is needed to provide comfort when we want to sleep.

3. Temperature setting

Set the temperature at 24 ° C or more. 24 ° C is a comfortable temperature, so you do not have to set it at 18 ° C. If you set at 18 ° C, this will force the compressor to reach that temperature. When you set at 24 ° C, the compressor stops when room temperature has reached the temperature and will work again when the room temperature is hotter. You save electricity when the compressor is not used. In other words, the lower the temperature setting, the higher the power consumption.

4. Use Fan

Use air conditioning with fan. Open the fan and door / window to remove the hot air from the room and then use the air conditioner (Be sure to close the door and windows first).
Installing the fan will spread cold air throughout the room without increasing the energy consumption. In addition, the use of ceiling fans can get rid of hot air around our bodies.

5. Clean or Change Aircond Filters Every Month

Maintaining your air conditioning system is critical in ensuring that it works properly. Systems that are not well maintained use 10 to 30 percent more energy and shorter lifespan. Dirty air filter reduces your unit’s effectiveness, uses more electricity and higher costs.

6.Schedule Fixed Maintenance For Your Aircond

Service your aircond unit if it brews hot air. You need air conditioning for cool air, not hot air blowers. If it does not work well, it does not cost you money. You still pay for electricity bills but can not get what you pay for.