How To Make Aircon Better Cool?

How to make my air conditioner better? The air conditioning unit is used to convert the outside air to the inside of the house after cooling. When you set the thermostat to the desired level, it can draw hot air from outside, thus providing cooler air to your home.

In hot weather, you must set the thermostat to the highest temperature, not just when it is hot during the day. This way, your air conditioner will make your room comfortable to live in on hot days, and in the same way, it will be cooler on warm days.

Therefore, to cool the air conditioner better, you should pay attention to its maintenance. For aircon service or matainance , you can visit .This article gives some tips to help you keep your air conditioner healthy so that you can live a comfortable life when the weather gets hotter.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the internal ventilation holes:

Ventilation openings to supply cold air indoors may be clogged by dust and debris and obstruct the flow of cold air. You can use a vacuum to open this ventilation barrier. Sometimes, these ventilation holes can also be blocked by furniture, toys or curtains. Therefore, you should keep it away from these air vents so that the air conditioner can cool your house better.

Clean the external condenser unit:

Dust and debris can also accumulate around the outdoor condenser unit of the air conditioner. If the debris around the condenser is not removed properly, it will not work effectively. You can do an online search to find out how to clean an external condenser. If you need a deep cleaning, you should contact a professional to clean the external condenser.

Keep heating equipment away from thermostats:

If you use a heater such as a nearby light bulb, the air conditioning thermostat will indicate that your home needs more cooling. If heating equipment is used near a thermostat, the air conditioner must work hard and operate for a longer period of time to maintain the internal temperature at the desired level.

Increase the thermostat level:

You only need to adjust the thermostat temperature by 5-8 degrees to cool the air conditioner better. If you install a programmable thermostat in the air conditioner, you can adjust the thermostat level automatically. It can also help you save energy and money as it can adjust the room temperature as you enter the room or stay away for hours.

Clean the air conditioning drain pipe:

You can find a drainage pipe near the internal air conditioning coil. May be clogged by dust and debris, which affects the level of indoor air cooling. Therefore, you should use a chlorine -based bleach and one gallon of water to rinse the drain to clean the drain.

By keeping the drain pipe clean, you can not only cool the air conditioner better, but also be able to save the basement of the equipment, because the blockage of the drain pipe will accumulate water and damage the equipment.

Close curtains and drapes:

In hot weather, you can make the air conditioner cool the house faster by not letting direct sunlight into the room. You should close the curtains and drapes on the windows to prevent heating of the interior of the house.

Insulate ductwork if exposed:

If the air duct of the air conditioner is exposed to a certain position, it can affect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. You can use UL grade tape to cover leaks in the pipeline. However, you can also use pipe insulation of a suitable thickness to cover the exposed parts of the pipe.

If you are unable to do it yourself, you must call a professional for this purpose.

Avoid using the oven or dryer in the room:

In hot weather, you can avoid the use of a dryer or oven in the room to cool the air conditioner better. This equipment can add warm air to your room, which will force your air conditioner to work hard to lower the temperature of the house.

In conclusion

So, if you understand the components of an air conditioning unit and its working conditions, then following the techniques discussed in this article can help you cool the air conditioner better.