How Stop Aircon Water Leaking Efficiently

Air conditioning is becoming more important in all shopping malls, cars, offices and even most homes in Singapore. However, the air conditioning unit is a machine that is bound to break down several times. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to overcome the air leakage problem.

First of all, it is necessary for us to discuss the common problems of aircon unit leakage. There are three main reasons for your air conditioner to leak. The first is that the drain pipe may be blocked by dirt particles, making it difficult for water to flow out, resulting in equipment leakage. Secondly, if there is no suitable slope of the drainage pipe, improper installation by the contractor may cause leakage. Finally, there is a lack of refrigerant.

Fortunately, by reading this article, you will know how to solve this problem. Remember, it is very important to turn off the power before attempting any of the following operations.

1.) The heat exchanger is clogged and the filter is dirty

When aircon filter coils or heat exchangers are clogged or dirty, this can result in restricted airflow. As a result, the temperature of the coil will drop below zero, causing the moisture in the condensed air in the coil to freeze and form ice flakes, which are then ejected from the system; as a result, water leaks.

To stop it, check the filter, and if it is dirty, use a shower head or hose to clean it. Remove all accumulated dirt and spray bathroom and kitchen disinfectant sprays to kill any mold and bacteria on it.

It is also important to check the aluminum coil on the back of the system filter. If it is covered with dry fibers, try to empty it carefully with the brush on the vacuum cleaner. If the coil is very dirty, you need to use strong oil and a garden spray bottle to clean the coil.

Used to spray the coil, and then let it work for about five minutes. Thereafter, use a spray bottle to carefully rinse the coil. By doing this, the airflow will be improved and dirt will be removed from the system. Always read all instructions provided by the factory to properly clean the air conditioner.

2 The drain pipe is blocked

It is easy to diagnose a clogged drain. If the pipe is blocked, water will usually leak from the system into the wall to the back, or even drip from the air pipe in front. Check whether the plastic tray is designed to collect the condensate that is generated when the system is in cooling mode or is filled with water. Drain the water to clear the blockage.

3 Lack of refrigerant

If the heat exchanger and air filter are clean and a large amount of air flows smoothly, the system will exhaust a large amount of cold air. However, if the system has difficulty cooling the room and the air duct starts to leak, then it may be a short cooler.

This can be corrected by setting the heat pump to the lowest possible setting and then letting the system run for a few minutes. Then check whether the heat exchange coil under the filter is covered with ice. If this happens, your air conditioner is leaking and you need a professional to repair it.

If these tips do not work, please contact your local Singapore Aircon Servcing company for repairs.