Five Simple Steps To Save 10% Of Your Air Conditioner Electricity Use

”   Did You Know ?

One Air Conditioner Uses The Energy  Of About 32 Fans”


Use a fan instead of an air conditioner to keep cool

Save abou $840  Per Year


Did You Know ?

After switching off your air conditioner , many of them still continue to draw power


Switch off air conditioner at the power socket.

Standby power can account for up to 10% of your home electricity use. You could be losing about $70 per year.


Did You Know ?

The lower the temperature setting, the more energy you used by your air conditioner


If you use an air conditioner , set the temperature at about 25 degree

Every degree you lower , you will spend about $25 per year



Did You Know ?

The more ticks on the energy label , the more energy efficient the air conditioner model


Choose an energy efficient air conditioner by using the tick rating system on the energy label.

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