In most cases ,Aircon  chemical wash service is needed in Singapore in order to  

  • Remove the persistent smell that emitted from the aircon
  • Remove or clean all the stubborn grime, dirt and fungi growth in the inaccessible are in the aircon.
  • Solve the aircon serious water leakage problem         

Types of Chemical Wash Services In Singapore

In Singapore , if you aircon is still not cool after normal service , you aircon might need aircon chemical service . There are 2 types of chemical service in Singapore , Normal Chemical Cleaning and Chemical Overhaul. The key differences between this 2 type of service are onsite service and offsite service. Normal chemical service is usually cleaned out onsite which is the technician to clean the aircon without dismantle the aircon unit. Chemical overhaul service which we called it aircon full service usually carried out offsite . The whole aircon unit is dismantled or removed from the ceiling or wall , and clean all the aircon part one by one with special chemical.  

For time consuming , normal chemical service take less time to complete because the process is without dismantle the aircon. Chemical overhaul or full service take more time to complete because it involving aircon dismantled from the wall process. At the same time , chemical overhaul involve more proper or thorough  chemical cleaning process.

Chemical Overhaul Service

Under normal circumstances in Singapore , Chemical Overhaul Service is more effective or highly recommended over Chemical Cleaning Service.  For normal chemical servicing , it is impossible to conduct a thorough cleaning process of the inside or hidden part of the aircon unit. Without dismantling the aircon unit , the stain , grim and dirt will become worst overtime. That why , chemical overhaul or full service is need to solve this problem. Please visit our website for chemical aircon servicing booking and inquiry.