Can Leaving Aircon On During The Night Make You Sick?

When you live in Singapore , a hot and humid country, aircon conditioning is the must in the room. This aircon can help us stay with comfortable in the room for a long time. Many people open air conditioning units all day long. It is not advisable to leave the air conditioner at night because it can make you sick. After getting up, this behavior will make you sick for several reasons. Here are some common reasons why you may get sick after leaving the air conditioners all day long.

1. Your temperature may be too low

For the first reason, you should not on your air conditioning unit all night long. When you sleep, your body temperature usually drops. This is a natural process of your body. This is why the body temperature may be too low when the air conditioning unit is turned on for a long time. We recommend that you set the air conditioner to normal room temperature. Do not set the temperature of the air conditioner too low. When your body temperature is low, you may lose some of the immune system’s function.

2. It can dry your body

Many people ask, “Can air conditioners make you sick?” The answer is definitely yes, if you use the air conditioner for a long time. Air conditioning units usually blow dry ,cold air into your room and the cold air can make your body dry which is including your throat, mouth, skin, and other body parts . All This situation can cause many health problems. You also may facing sore throat after sleeping in your room at very cold temperature. At the same time , if you leave your air conditioning unit for a long time and you may also facing some skin problems.

3. Low temperatures effect your body’s to produce natural hormones

Many research showed cold temperatures can influence your body’s ability to produce hormones. While you are sleeping, your body usually produces some natural hormones. This important hormones are very useful for improving the natural immune system. If you are sleeping in a very cold room, you may lose some of your function,. As a result, when you get up in the morning, you can easily get sick.

They have a good reason that you should not leave your air conditioning unit at night. It is advisable to install air conditioning units so that they turn off automatically at night. We should sleeping in normal temperature to maximize our body function.

In conclusion , it is the best If we sleeping in a temperature-controlled room. You also need to clean your air conditioning unit regularly to prevent any problems due to dirt.