Basic Need For Singapore – Air Conditioners

No less than Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, regarded air-conditioning units as the most important innovation of the 20th century, at least for the country. In an interview more than two decades ago, when Singapore was far from its current state, the politician even linked the presence and availability of air-conditioning units to the country’s overall economic growth.

This may seem exaggerated to some, but it is no longer a surprise to Singaporeans who have experienced the country’s economic slowdown. After all, Singapore was once known as the “Land of Cold Air”.

The role of air conditioning in business growth

Tropical weather in certain countries also dictates trade, before the chilly atmosphere in the region and the hectic atmosphere in central Singapore. As some officials recalled, any business transactions, including meetings and sales, were limited to the cooler times of the day. This means that by 11:00 am, everyone will be out for leisure. This inspired Singapore until the arrival of American air-conditioning brands in the country in the 1950s. There is no doubt that the business world immediately fell for the promise of air conditioning. Upscale restaurants and shopping malls are close behind. The availability of air conditioning provides an incredible advantage to any business establishment. Expect, everyone wants to get their air conditioner.

Remember, it will take a while for homes to join the air conditioning phenomenon. However, air conditioning has also greatly affected the residential landscape in Singapore. From bungalows, open spaces and balconies, high-rise and wall-to-wall living spaces sprung up quickly.

So far, it is safe to say that both the commercial and residential sectors have effectively caught up with the air-conditioning phenomenon, even making Singapore the largest consumer of air-conditioning in ASEAN.

Beyond economic reasons

Now beyond the economics of air conditioning, this innovation is sure to bring a high level of comfort to every user. It is so ingrained in the Singaporean lifestyle that its overall benefits are often overlooked.

Air conditioning has been shown to reduce the chance of asthma attacks due to reduced moisture, mold and mildew. Of course, this needs to be combined with regular air conditioner cleaning and air filter maintenance, as air conditioners can also become home to some bacteria. For best aircon servicing in Singapore , please visit our website .

It’s also interesting that insects and parasites tend to avoid air-conditioned spaces. Some pet owners have also observed that their dogs are flea-free when kept in air-conditioned spaces. In a very humid country like Singapore, the health benefits of air conditioning cannot be overlooked either. Staying in a cool place is one of the best ways to avoid heatstroke and dehydration, especially in summer. Plus, air conditioning helps improve sleep quality, which always makes the extra electricity bill worthwhile.

The role of air conditioners in the lives of Singaporeans has evolved significantly into personal rather than a highly economical commodity. It can be said that even after two decades, Singapore is still an air-conditioned country.