Aircon Contract OR One Time Aircon Service?

What is an annual aircon maintenance with contract?

The aircon is running every day, so we have to take good care of it. Cleaning it every 3 months is better for improving the air quality. In our daily life, we don’t remember the service date because we are busy with work and family. Prevention is better than cure. Mastercool Aircon Singapore provides high-quality air-conditioning for each service to repair 100% of air-conditioning problems, and has 60 days service guarantee.

Benefits of Contract Maintenance

Mastercool Aircon now offers annual air-conditioning maintenance services at an affordable price, and you can save your cost per year through Mastercool air-conditioning services.

In the Aircon Servicing Contract maintenance, we provide 1 year 3 times or 4 times service. For more information  , you can visit the contract page which price all the pricing and detail.  All the Singapore HDB flats, apartments, industrial and commercial users can apply for annual packages.

What is a one-time air-conditioning service?

One-time air-conditioning service means that when there is a problem with your air-conditioning, you  contact the nearest air-conditioning service center, and they will come to provide you with air-conditioning troubleshooting or servicing. Most common aircon Problems are poor cooling, water leakage, aircon very noisy or have sound, automatic shutdown and startup, , light blinking , gas leakage, etc.

In Singapore, many companies can provide cheap air-conditioning services, but before choosing an air-conditioning service company, you should know that if you do not choose the right company, the service life of your air-conditioner will not solve your aircon problem and may cause more trouble.

Which is the best annual contract or one-off service

Contract or service the aircon annually is the best  if you compare to one time service. This is why the contractor takes care of your air conditioner regularly . They check and service the aircon  every few months which give your aircon the best inspection and solve the problem before its goes worst .

Mastercool Aircon service has experienced technicians with more than 10 years of experience in the air-conditioning industry.