4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Cold Even After Servicing

Your air conditioning is not cold even after just aircon maintenance? As Singapore homeowners have experienced hottest weather in the country, a good functioning aircon system is a very  essential to fight the humidity and heat. Most of the modern aircon can be used for decades, but even the most-managed aircon systems sometimes don’t provide enough efficient cold air to comfort you and your family. Air conditioning systems that produce warm air are absolutely unpopular, but this is not necessarily a serious problem. Sometimes, even if the system is properly repaired, warm air is generated, making the air uncomfortable. For booking and reservation , please go here https://www.serviceairconsingapore.com/booking/ .

Four reasons why air conditioners still produce hot air even after just serviced

Your condenser may have been damaged

Condensers are part of an AC system that converts refrigerant back to liquids. The condenser may sometimes freeze if the system is dirty or inefficient, and the condenser may be completely damaged if not handled immediately. Although few, but the condenser damage is a serious problem, without professional help , the problem can not be solved. Qualified HVAC technicians can solve condensation compression problems and tell you what to do next .

Your refrigerant may be low.

A common cause of hot blast in air conditioning systems is the shortage of refrigerant. This may one of the reason ices accumulate at the evaporator  as the system never reaches the correct temperature and causing system not not shut off  at any stage. When your aircon  shut off regularly, letting the ice melt in the evaporator when the temperature is right in the room so that a little refrigerant will cause the ice on the evaporator and helical heat. Periodic maintenance of the aircon can prevent this from happening because HVAC technicians check the refrigerant level and ensure that all components in the system are working properly.

Your condenser can be frozen.

Condenser coils are part of an air conditioning system located outside the house. The condebsir coil is responsible for removing all the heat from the interior of the house and releasing it outdoors. If you do not regularly maintain the aircon system, dirt ,dust and debris collected by the aircon filter may actually freeze the coil and may stop functioning properly.

Mechanical problems

In a very hot summer time in Singapore ,  your air conditioner can run all the day or many hours. This will make aircon internal equipment become overworked and difficult. In most cases, the external motor fans is not working well or have problem, this will make the compressor locked down as well. This is a very bad thing  because the aircon’s compressor is the heart of the system and the refrigerant can not move without it. A common repair job is to replace a bad compressor fan motor, but sometimes , you need to replace the compressor if the part is having big problem.

Keep in mind that aircon regular maintenance is the best way to prevent some of these problems. Regular maintenance keeps your system in a fit and feasible state. For detain aircon service and pricing , please visit https://www.serviceairconsingapore.com/ . Our customer service are ready to serve you all .