8 Things to Consider Before Buying Air Conditional

The hot weather in Singapore is the same when the time changes from morning to night. You as a resident in Singapore may need to consider getting your own aircond for night use so that you can have a good night’s sleep throughout the night without being awake due to sweating and heat. Here are some types of airconds that you can consider with the choices you want before buying aircon.


The type of aircond you need to consider is your space and budget requirements. This is because the air cond you will buy later depends on the size and the special features. Air cond has many different types.
First, window type aircon (window) is a common unit for residential use where it is suitable for small rooms and usually placed near the windows or wall area.

The air conditioner of this unit is good for a single person room because this type of aircon can not be used for a large area. These models are also generally large enough and may make noise but it is the cheapest at just the beginning of use.
Second, the central type air cond is good for indoor air conditioning. It can cool down the whole house and more efficiently including less noise but of course it is more expensive and difficult to install.

Finally, a portable air-conditioning device that can be moved in the house. The price is cheaper and less energy, easy to install, but less powerful and can not be used as a regular type of stand-in. For a large house a centralized aircon is better. While for living and kitchen areas, portable air-conditioning will provide you with comfort when in the room with clean air.


To find out the appropriate size, you should consider the floor area, the ceiling, the wall space where the aircond may be placed. Additionally, you should also take into account the number of people staying in the room and the number of people who will share the air conditioning.


Before getting caught up in the attractive deals in the store, be careful of two types of cost before buying a cheap aircon. Be wary of the price and the cost of using aircond which when it is used will involve the payment of high electricity bills to the energy to be used in the future. You need to buy affordable air conditioners and will not use much electricity but provide efficient service.


A non-inverter air conditioner compressor and motor can only work at a speed one but more affordable. It is also easy to install, but it will use more power in the time of use. Additionally there is a large temperature variation and noise. An aircond inverter controls the compressor speed to change the temperature where it is needed and will reduce electricity consumption by 30-50 percent so it is more environmentally friendly.


Some air-cond emits noise and vibration from the compressor as it will change the water due to heat and directly emit cold air. Of course you do not want your breaks to be disturbed by the noise coming from the air conditioner. So you should choose a aircon with lower sound.


Window aircon need maintenance time to keep them in good condition. Air conditioning can be exposed to debris and external dirt which will collect inside or behind. Furthermore, dust and particles will accumulate in the aircon filter while working. If left unchecked, everything collected will mix and directly cause the effectiveness of the water condition to decrease.

To ensure that the operation lasts for a long time, you need to clean at least once a year. Air conditioning windows by sliding the chassis make it better because all you have to do is just install aircond for access. Most filters can be washed with soap and water.

7. GAS R22 OR R410?

Both types of refrigerant gas R22 and R410 gas are currently used as cooling fluid for aircon in residential areas. R22 has become the standard for refrigerants used in aircond for many years. The problem with this coolant is less efficient and less environmentally friendly than R410 cooling.


If you choose a window condo, you need to hire an efficient technician to install the aircond. Installation will be smooth if your new air-cond is in line with the old air condition and it will work well with the existing air-cond.


What Type And Size of Cond Conduct Are You Buying For Your Home?

Before you find an aircond company for installation, it is best to choose the type and size to be installed. There are several options available in the market and you need to get the best one for your home. Below you will find a quick guide on how to get the ideal and cheap aircond.

– Room size. This will determine the amount of air in the room to cool down.
– Number of people in the room. Every human body has heat and water-condition needs to cool it down.
– Number of items stored in the room. Keep in mind that every item stored in the room will be cool due to aircond. So less stuff in the room, less power is the aircond electricity to be used.
– The amount of electrical equipment in the room (most of the electrical appliances emit heat especially lamps). Incandescent bulbs can increase the cooling load.
– Window in room. More windows, more heat coming from the outside. Well-insulated windows can reduce the cooling load.

Air Condition Performance VS Room Size

You are encouraged to always choose the aircond that corresponds to the size of the room. Large rooms should always have bigger and more powerful air cond to meet the needs effectively. This is because the less powerful air condition will end with much waste of electricity as aircond needs to work hard to cool down the room. At the same time the lack of energy aircond will often lead to improper expenses.

Next thing, you need to think and also talk with an efficient aircon technician to get more information. Most of these aircon are rated by the British Thermal Unit (BTU) while kilowatts (KW) are used to measure production. The larger the room size, the bigger the aircond BTU should be used.

There is a simple formula that can be used to determine the capability required for a home. Small room (150 square feet or below) requires aircond about 6,000 BTUs. In general, this is ideal for single bedrooms. For large rooms (up to 350 sq ft), you need aircon about 9,000 BTUs. This is common to most living rooms in the house.

Each large room (500 square feet or above) requires BTUs between 10,000 to 15,000. Of course, the greater the BTUs the more expensive the water is. So you have to choose the air conditioner BTUs for the size of the room to save money.

Important Things to Know When Installing Air Conditioning For Building
When you buy an aircon for your home, you should expect that you will get the best cooling and you have made a lot of research on air-cond. However, by following the smart choices, you also need to install air conditioners in the right place to get the cooling.

If you do not choose a good place to install the air conditioners, you will not be able to comfort and relax in the room even after you invest a lot of time and money in this case. To get enough cooling from your window aircon , plug it in correctly. If your window is not in the middle of your room, look for the direction of the airflow into the room, not the corner.

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